Garage Floor Coatings

Transform your space with customizable, commercial-grade floor coatings to protect and enhance the look of your garage.

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Upgrade Your Garage

Your garage is an important part of your home. At Ontario Garage, we can transform your garage into a clean and safe space that you can enjoy.

Over time, corrosion and erosion from salt, oil, and other automotive-related components will take their toll on your garage floor. If you have damaged, cracked, or stained floors, or you’re concerned about the living space under your garage experiencing damage from the wear and tear above, we can help.

Our team has transformed garages of all shapes and sizes. We will ensure that your garage is repaired and professionally covered with high-performing coatings to protect your home.



Custom Garage Floor Solutions

Our garage flooring solutions are versatile and we can provide you with a customized look for your new garage floor.

From colours and textures to logos and designs, our professional team can create a look that reflects your lifestyle.

Every project is carefully designed and installed by our team, and we warranty our work so you can have peace of mind knowing that your garage flooring will look great for years to come.

Quality Products and Professional Installation

Repairing and coating your garage floor is not a DIY project, unless you enjoy redoing your floor every year. Our team of professionals has many years of experience working with specialized coatings and equipment in a wide variety of settings.

We use commercial grade products that are not available to the general public, in order to achieve results that are stronger and more resilient than off-the-shelf solutions. We know what it takes to get quality results and we are focused on every detail.

Ontario Garage Coatings Options Include:

  • Antimicrobial Coatings
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Cosmetic Appeal
  • High-Impact Resistance
  • Slip Resistance
  • Stain Resistance
  • Temperature Resistance
  • UV Resistant
  • Waterproof Membranes
  • And more

Garage Floor Coating Comparison

Easy to clean
Glossy finish
Matte finish
Decorative finish
Abrasion resistant
Impact resistant
Chemical resistant
UV resistant
Rapid installation
Warranty 1 year 5 years 5 years

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